Plan Ahead

What is Green Burial:

Minimum environmental impact and conserves resources. An eco-friendly burial.  The body is placed in a coffin that is biodegradable or shroud and interred without a concrete vault. This is a natural burial of a dead person in the soil that does not compromise the decomposition of the body but allow it to be naturally recycled.

Writing a Eulogy:

A statement that praises someone or something highly of someone who has died.

What is a Mausoleum:

The decomposition process occurs above ground a final resting place above the ground.  It contains one or many crypts or burial spaces for the whole body and cremation ashes a variety of factors will influence the costs.

Burial Insurance Policy:

Usually refer to whole life insurance policy. Death benefits to provide money for funeral and burial costs for themselves and/or family members.

End-of-Life Planning:

Consists of four components: Advance Directives or living wills, appointing durable power of attorney for health care, document for distribution of assets, specify preferences for type and place of care

Funeral Cost:

Basic services fee for the funeral director and staff charges for other services and merchandise and cash advances.

Burial and Cremation:

Burial: Final disposition whereby a dead body is placed into the ground

Cremation: Final disposition whereby the body is placed is an appropriate casket or acceptable rigid container.  The container is placed into a furnance or retort.

Planning Resources:

  • Legal Zoom: wills
  • Life Insurance Policy of your choice
  • National Hospice: click n information for Patients & Family-Caregivers
  • Five Wishes:
  • Veterans Burial Forms:

Living Wills:

  • A statement detailing a person’s desires of their medical treatment when they are notable to express informed consent especially an advance directive
  • Legal Zoom website

Advance Directives:

A living will, medical power of attorney and personal directive are legal documents whereby a person specify actions taken for their health if they are not able to make decisions for themselves because of illness or incapacity.

Life Insurance Policy:

  • Term and Whole: Insurance companies
  • Burial Alternatives: Insurance companies
  • Military Burial: VA website
  • Planning Your Own Funeral Arrangements: Make your wish.

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