Provide products, resources, and supports that encompass our three steps to create change; educate, advocate, and support. Grief Is Life Transitioning provide support to first time grievers and ongoing grievers to develop a tight niche support group to help deal with grief rather than feeling alone.

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Sylvia Grant MSW, BSW, GC-C

President and Treasurer

VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business)

BSW from Benedict College; MSW from Clark Atlanta University, Whitney M. Young Jr. School of Social Work; Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Wellness with an Emphasis in Grief and Bereavement Counseling; Currently seeking a Graduate Certificate in Thanatology Graduation 2023

The founder of Grief & Bereavement Resource Center, Sylvia Grant, wears many hats: United States Army veteran, certified grief and bereavement counselor, social worker, and business owner. In 2018, her nephew, Terrell Devon Grant passed away from leukemia, leading Grant to understand the importance of adequately processing grief, coming together to support each other through the grieving process, and providing educational resources available in the community. Her life experience and passion for providing a one-stop resource center for those experiencing grief can thrive and be supported driving the very mission of our foundation.

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Educational Resources

Serve as an online resource for those dealing with loss and bereavement. Also, information regarding different services and resources provided in the community regarding therapy, information on living wills, advance directives and veteran benefits.


  • Kimberly

    1 Review, 3 months ago

    I began seeking counseling after the recent loss of my dad. After doing some research, I found the Grief and Bereavement Resource Center Inc. where I met the owner, Sylvia Grant. Sylvia was informative from the time I called seeking counseling and throughout our session. She continued to give me her undivided attention and I never felt rushed. The center has a nice calming environment, and the bathroom was clean and stocked. At the end of our meeting, Sylvia remembered that I mentioned how much I like to read and gave me some helpful reading material. I didn’t feel rushed and all my questions were answered. I would recommend anyone experiencing loss and grief to speak with someone kind and informative like Sylvia Grant.

  • Caroline

    4 Reviews, 6 months ago

    Sylvia Grant is compassionate with an empathetic ear, she allowed me to express myself freely without judgment. She provided me with valuable insights and guidance through my grief and helped me look forward to my future. My experience with Slyvia was incredibly positive.

  • The Modern Family Experience

    4 Reviews, 8 months ago

    Making the decision to go to grief counseling was the best decision that my family and I ever made. After the death of my mother I thought I could handle my emotions, but they started to consume me mentally and that spilled over into my family. After calling around to seek help I reached out to Grief and Bereavement and right away I felt relief. Mrs. Grant listened to our concerns, she was very professional and scheduled us right away. She made me and my family feel as though this was a safe space to let go all that was packed inside. She gave my wife and I homework, that honestly helped our marriage. She assisted us through a very dark time. After several visits my family and I doing well and able to face those “triggers” that will come. My family is very much grateful for all her support!

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